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Pre-Application for Housing Rehabilitation Programs and Lead Grant

  1. Pre-Application for Housing Rehabilitation Programs and Lead Grant
  2. Lewiston’s Economic and Community Development Department (ECDD) offers programs funded by Housing and Urban Development. They are made available to provide safe and affordable housing for low-moderate income households. Loan and grant programs may be available.
    This Pre-application helps us determine what programs may be available for your circumstance, before time and effort go into a project that will not be approved. Please answer the following questions.

  3. Type of Housing*
  4. Owner Occupied*
  5. NOTE: Properties with 8 housing units or more trigger the Davis Bacon Act and require contractors pay the prevailing wage rates for Androscoggin County, which often increases project costs.

  6. Current Income Guidelines: 2022-2023
    Family Size
    8 or more
    Income Limit
    NOTE: Housing units must screen at or below the income limits above. A duplex building must have at least one unit that qualifies and larger buildings require at least 51% of the housing units qualify.
  7. If housing is owner occupied, do you have more than $10,000 in liquid assets?*
      1. If housing is owner occupied, do children under age six spend time there?*
          1. If the housing is investor owned, does this project require funding you cannot get from a commercial bank?*

            NOTE: Investor owned properties require the owner to provide a minimum funding match.

              1. Is there a mortgage on the property?*
                  1. Does the property have outstanding code enforcement violations?*
                      1. Will this project involve work to address code enforcement violations?*
                          1. Does the property have liens for city taxes, water or sewer debt, or other?*
                              1. Is the property located in a flood zone?*
                                1. Does the property involve a historic building?*
                                  1. Does the property have known or suspected Lead Paint hazards?*
                                      1. Programs you are applying for:*
                                          1. Questions may be emailed to: or call (207) 513-3126 ext.3251

                                          2. Leave This Blank:

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