Immigrant & Refugee Integration & Policy Dev

Final Report - December 2017

Appointed by the Mayor, the Immigrant and Refugee Integration and Policy Development Working Group was tasked with the following duties.

  • To identify and inventory immigrant and refugee services available in the community, including referral and support mechanisms for new arrivals;
  • To identify the needs of the current immigrant and refugee community that are not being met by service providers or advocacy or community groups;
  • To identify possible funding streams from Federal and State agencies that can address ongoing and unmet immigrant and refugee needs;
  • To identify and utilize City, School, and Community resources, including those of the business community, to encourage employment/entrepreneurship within the immigrant and refugee community;
  • To make recommendations to the Lewiston City Council and to assist with policy development in relation to the tasks identified above.

The Working Group was representative of the various stakeholders identified above and/or involved in issues related to the immigrant and refugee community. Membership Listing

The final report and recommendations were forwarded to the City Council.