LYAC Launches "Do You Do Lew" Image Booster for City They Love


On October 27, 2014, the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council launched its public image campaign for Lewiston. It is meant to encourage people to be themselves and to enjoy life in Lewiston... and to boost Lewiston's image. Nairus Abdullahi, LYAC Chair, stated, "The Lewiston Youth Advisory Council is tired of people saying negative things about Lewiston. The words are hurtful and untrue. They imply that we are uneducated and unworthy of newcomers and business offers. Lewiston is a multi-faceted city that has a lot to offer. We have great diversity, programs, and social events that bring people together. Our mission is to end negativity about Lewiston. It is not fair that a city such as Lewiston has to suffer this verbal nonsense."

LYAC Vice-Chair Margaruette Seguin concurred, "Now I've lived in Lewiston since I was three, but I've served on LYAC for two terms now and it was during that time that I discovered how great Lewiston really is. From continuous projects about cultural awareness to educating children about healthy lifestyles, we as group are dedicated to improving this great city. And it is a great city: art walks and balloon festivals, tasty local restaurants and low crime rates, upstanding colleges and even our own Lewiston High School - we truly have it all, located right here."

With community supporters holding "I Love Lewiston Because... " signs at the press event, LYAC also debuted the campaign's DO YOU DO LEW t-shirts and handed out bumper stickers. They have also distributed DO YOU DO LEW window decals to businesses interested in posting them. Others are encouraged to put an "I Love Lewiston" comment or video at Number doyoudolew A t-shirt order form can be obtained online.