Lewiston Volunteers in Action

Hannah Miller, Volunteer - Lewiston Fire Department - 2014

Hannah has been "learning the ropes" at the Lewiston Fire Department in an effort to gain a hands-on understanding of day-to-day operations. In turn, she is sharing what she learns with safety personnel at Bates College to develop an enhanced two-way communication flow that will benefit both.

Hannah Miller - Fire Dpt.

Bisharo Alkher, Volunteer - Lewiston Social Services Department - 2013

Bisharo is a great asset to Social Services. As a student at Central Maine Community College, he has welcomed the opportunity to utilize his skills and to "give back" to the community!

Bisharo Alkher.jpg

Jerry Bourget, Volunteer - Lewiston Wellness Team - 2012

The City of Lewiston Wellness Team was praised by the American Red Cross for the success of its 8-21-12 blood drive. The drive exceeded expectations by securing 28 pints of blood which surpassed the hoped-for 22! The blood drive was held in honor of a retired employee facing physical challenges. Members of Lewiston's Municipal Volunteer Program-Jerry Bourget and Fatuma Mohamed-were on hand to assist with the event. Jerry is pictured here with employee Joline Boulay.

Volunteer - Jerry B. - Red Cross Blood Drive.JPG

Mohamed Mohamed, Volunteer for Lewiston Public Library - 2012

Mohamed Mohamed volunteered for an extensive period of time as a computer lab monitor four nights per week at the Lewistn Public Library.

Mohamed Mohamed3.jpg

Suzanne Duplissis, Volunteer for Public Works Department - 2012


Suzanne Duplissis, a graduate from the Cooperative Extensions Master Gardener Volunteer Program,  volunteered with the Public Works Department during the summer of 2012. She is pictured here weeding with Summer Park Worker Le-Ann Kropa.

Matthew Charest - Volunteer in Management Information Services (MIS)

Matthew Charest volunteered with the MIS Department. His request to volunteer came as part of his BS degree in Computer Science at the University of Maine. The program required 120 hours of hands-on time in his chosen profession. He was tasked with doing a physical inventory of all City computers and communication devices and comparing it to the Information Technology Inventory List for accuracy. During the conversion from Novell to Microsoft, several computers were changed from a Static IP to DHCP, and the IT Department needed an accurate account of both computer types. Also while sitting in front of every computer, Matt collected the hard drive size, CPU speed, amount of RAM, and current versions of software applications. He collected serial numbers and firmware versions from all communication devices at all the remote locations.


Amanda Goetz - Volunteer in Human Resources (HR)

Amanda didn't want to waste any time while looking for employment, so she volunteered her services to the City's Human Resources Department. Amanda completed a considerable amount of file scanning, and her assistance was a tremendous help to HR. Staff reported that she undertook her tasks in a very diligent manner with a positive attitude.

Marcus Talarico - Volunteer at Lewiston Fire Central Station

Marcus TalaricoCivic-minded Marcus Talarico (also 2011-12 Lewiston Youth Advisory Council member) wanted to do more to help his community, so he jumped at the chance to volunteer his time to do data entry at the Lewiston Fire Department. He is pictured here with Chief Paul Leclair.

WEB - Volunteer Marcus Talarico.jpg
Fatuma Mohamed in the office

Fatuma Mohamed - HR Volunteer

Fatuma Mohamed contacted the City expressing her desire to volunteer. Fatuma helped Human Resources shred confidential files that have already been entered into the City's computer system.


Stephanie Chase volunteered help clean-up and beautify the City of Lewiston. She is pictured here with former Mayor Laurent F. Gilbert, Sr.