Trees & Open Spaces Division

Responsibilities and Services

The Landscape and Tree Work Team maintains all the tree’s and landscaping within the city right of way in Lewiston. It is supervised by the City Arborist and consists of a three man crew.

Responsibilities include tree pruning or removals in response to hazardous situations, diseased trees, right of way visibility issues, resident's requests and general pruning for preventative maintenance. Right of way visibility, sign visibility and road clearance are an ongoing piece of the work load. This work meet's State and MUTCD requirements to maintain a safe and convenient travel way.

The Landscape and Tree Work Crew is also responsible for the installation and maintenance of various landscaped areas throughout the City totaling over (59,286 sq. ft.) and spread over 100 locations. These landscape areas vary in size from 8-10 square feet to several hundred feet. These areas are planted with perennials, small shrubs and trees. Crews install mulch, weed, trim and water to maintain the health and appearance. Many landscape areas are planted with annual flowers which contribute bright color in the downtown area. These areas have a great impact on the appearance of the city. The aesthetic value these locations contribute has an effect on the City of Lewiston that cannot be understated.

Other Services

  • Tree inventory
  • The Landscape and Treework Division maintains one of the only working Tree Inventories in the State of Maine. Funded by a grant from the Maine Forest Service in 2001, we continually update and maintain an inventory of over 4000 City trees. This inventory is linked to the City GIS Map and each tree is plotted on a layer which can assist with right of way locates and construction projects.
  • Wood chips- woodchips from our tree work are processed every two years with a tub grinder providing the city with quality mulch for under $4 per yard.
  • Community Volunteer Projects - The Landscape & Treework Division supports various communit y volunteer projects. Just a few examples of these projects include working with the LRTC on various maintenance projects in the downtown area. Some examples of these are Ricker Park Gazebo repair project, Ricker Park Bench Repairs, and Park St Bench Repairs. Our team has also provided support for large volunteer projects. Also providing assistance and support for the Adopt-A-Spot program which manages (25) locations in Lewiston in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Lewiston School Classroom Projects- The City Arborist often works with Lewiston Schools and teachers, entering classrooms and speaking with students. This is usually as part of a science class and related learning projects promotes the benefits of trees and the environment. The role Public Works plays in maintaining the City is discussed. Examples are Arbor Day, tree give away, photosynthesis, Carbon Dioxide, National Arbor Day poster contest, and tree planting.
  • Downtown Christmas decorations- Along with the ‘Open Spaces Team’ we install lights at various locations in the downtown area.
  • Chip and recycle Christmas Trees - The Landscape and Treework Division chips & recycles all Christmas trees collected throughout the City. 
  • Spring Clean Up Assistance Week- The Landscaping and Treework Division chips or hauls brush as outlined by the City Solid Waste Facility each Spring during Spring Clean Up Assistance Week. During a specific week each spring, residents of the City can leave brush curbside and our team will chip it or haul it away. Details of this service are provided on the page for the City of Lewiston Solid Waste Facility.

Interesting Landscaping & Treework Division Statistics

  • The City plants an average of 110-120 new trees each year.
  • The cost to remove a tree can vary between $00 and $1,300 each, and the City budgets $4,000 each year to remove hazardous trees.
  • The City has a contract to control weed growth along almost 60 miles of street curbs.

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