Lake Auburn Watershed Committee

About the Committee

The Lake Auburn Watershed Protection Commission (LAWPC) is a joint venture formed in mutual agreement by the City of Lewiston and the Auburn Water District. After receiving a waiver of filtration by the Environmental Protection Agency due to exceptional water quality, the Commission was formed to continue efforts to protect and preserve Lewiston and Auburn’s source of drinking water.

The LAWPC is an eight member board consisting of three members of the board appointed by the trustees of the Auburn Water District, three appointed by the City of Lewiston City Council, one appointed by the Town of Turner, and one appointed by the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments. The Towns of Hebron, Minot, and Buckfield also have a shared appointment to the Commission for their representation. The Auburn Water District and the Lewiston Water Division provide professional staff to the LAWPC Board. The Commission owns or controls activity on approximately 2,073 acres in the 9,792 acre watershed of Lake Auburn  Web Site


3:30 p.m. as scheduled
Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments
125 Manley Road
Auburn, Maine 04210