Planning & Code Enforcement Information

Planning Information

Development Review

Planning Board & Staff Review Committee

Planning Related Documents & Reports 

The following is a collection of studies, reports, & plans adopted by the City. Some PDF’s are large, so be patient.

Zoning Information

Note: The Zoning and Land Use Code is contained in Appendix A of the Lewiston Code of Ordinances

Code Enforcement Information

Building Code Requirements

Maine Law requires municipalities of 4,000 or more in population to enforce the Maine Uniform Building and Energy Code (MUBEC) pursuant to Title10, chapter 1103 and Title 25, chapters 313 and 314 of the Maine Statutes and 16-642 CMR chapters 1-6 of the Maine Department of Public Safety rules. In keeping with Maine Law the City of Lewiston has enforced MUBEC since September 28, 2011.


Other Code Enforcement Information