Buildings Division


The mission of the Buildings Division is to manage, maintain, repair, and provide an environment in the City’s buildings that will enhance productivity and morale for the City’s employees and Lewiston residents who utilize the buildings. The division currently maintains 17 municipal buildings, with 1 million square feet of occupied building space and accompanying grounds. The City buildings include City Hall, Violations Bureau, Library, Police Department, Solid Waste Facility, five parking garages, Public Works Complex, Armory (Recreation Department), and the Public Works Operations Center.

Tasks Performed

The division coordinates all planning, programming, design, and construction of capital-funded building projects ensuring that these projects are completed on time and within budget. Also, all construction and improvements are built to last, are architecturally appropriate, and are designed to support the City department's mission, as well as accommodate the building occupants' needs, activities, and goals. In addition to the existing 17 buildings, we also develop capital improvement projects involving the City's Fire Department.

Personnel Services

The Buildings Division personnel consists of one director, one superintendent, three Building Maintenance Workers, and a Parking Collection and Maintenance Specialist. Responsibilities include: the monitoring, maintaining, and servicing of heat and air systems, sprinklers, and fire alarms; elevator maintenance; painting; plumbing; maintaining electrical systems; roof repair; masonry; carpentry; snow removal; landscaping; system inspections; floor system maintenance and installation; interior/exterior structural maintenance; window washing; trash and recycling material collection; ADA compliance and improvements; analysis of energy usage and development of energy saving projects; and the collection of monies from, and maintenance of, all 220 parking meters and five parking garages. The Buildings Division completes over 400 service requests every year.

The Buildings Division's custodial personnel consist of one half-time custodian and two cleaning service contractors. Responsibilities include: vacuuming, mopping, sweeping, dusting, trash and recyclables collection, bathroom care of all assigned areas, as well as carpet extraction, and stripping and waxing of all floor systems.

Parking Garages

For more information on the City's five parking facilities, including fees, locations, and directions, please go to our Parking and Public Transit page.