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Welcome from the City of Lewiston, Maine!

HEAD SHOT - HEATHER HUNTER - 7-28-21Lewiston is a growing city full of possibility. Vibrant and culturally diverse with a strong sense of community, Lewiston delivers affordable, accessible, and abundant opportunity.

Diverse career, educational, and recreational offerings for all ages render Lewiston an appealing place to visit, live, thrive, and settle. Its history is rich, one of a mill town that transformed into a multi-faceted economy. Its foundation is one of hard work by local folks and immigrants with a generational work ethic known for determination and resilience.  

Lewiston is home to three first-rate colleges, two premier hospitals, popular eateries, breweries, monthly art walks, galleries, musical performances, entertainment, theatre, and an evolving public art scene. Outdoors enthusiasts enjoy Lewiston’s parks, walking trails, hiking, recreation on and around the Androscoggin River, and large-scale events, such as the Riverfest Regatta, Great Falls Balloon Festival, Liberty Festival, Greek Festival, World Refugee Day, Brewfest, and Holiday at the Plaza.  

Urban to suburban, downtown to rural, Lewiston is also home to families and entrepreneurs from around the world with small shops and thriving manufacturers, generations of local businesses, and global firms. Certified “business friendly” by the State of Maine, Lewiston is a place where opportunity lives. Located roughly an hour to the ocean and mountains, Lewiston is uniquely positioned to all Maine has to offer and is the right choice for any undertaking, dream, or goal. Lewiston is indeed a growing city with tremendous vision and untapped potential, and we welcome you to make your legacy here.

Heather A. Hunter
City Administrator

Responsibilities of the City Administrator

Implements and executes all policies established by the City Council.

•Keeps the Council advised on the general operations of the City.

•Appoints and supervises department heads.

•Prepares & submits the annual budget, the annual capital program, and annual financial and administrative reports to the Council.

•Assists the Council in establishing City policies and programs by providing information, analyses, options, and recommendations.

•Advises the Council fully on the business, finances, and future needs of the City.

•Sees that all laws, provisions of the City Charter, and acts of the Council are faithfully executed.

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