Finance Department

Responsibilities & Services

Mission Statement:
The Finance Department strives to provide prompt, accurate and courteous service to all citizens, customers and City staff. We seek to deliver accurate and timely information in our cash collections, billing, inventory, budgeting, finance processes and reporting.

The Finance Department - encompassing the Accounting, Purchasing, and Treasury divisions - is responsible for:
  • Managing all financial activities for the City of Lewiston
  • Producing Lewiston’s annual budget, capital improvement plan, and comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR)
  • Administering the city’s risk management program

About the Divisions

Accounting Division
The Accounting Division prepares, processes, and issues all accounts payable checks and electronic transfers, payroll direct deposits and regulatory reports, and accounts receivable invoices. The division provides detailed financial and cost accounting services, internal audits, and grants management for the city. The city’s municipal parking program and the solid waste apartment building trash program are also administered by the Accounting Division.

Purchasing Division
The Purchasing Division is responsible for procuring or leasing all City services, supplies, materials, equipment, and capital items governed by the City’s Purchasing Policy. The Purchasing Agent establishes all bid standards and oversees specifications for proposals. The Purchasing Agent coordinates the sale/disposition of all surplus City property, both real and personal. Serving as a liaison to the Finance Committee, the Purchasing Agent maintains meeting agendas, committee minutes, and the status of requests for proposal and bid.

Treasury Division
The Treasury Division handles utility payments and renews, transfers, and registers cars, motorcycles, trailers, trucks, ATVs, snowmobiles, RVs, and boats when proper documentation is provided. The division levies and processes all real estate and personal property taxes. Residential single-family or duplex property owners may purchase a municipal solid waste punch pass from this office.

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