EZCard Automated Scale Program

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Step-by-Step Instructions

Lewiston's EZCard allows the holder to waive fees on disposal of up to 1,000 pounds of solid waste disposed at the City’s Solid Waste Facility. An EZCard is issued at no cost for Lewiston residential property owners who are current on all outstanding tax payments and fees. 

Tenants of rental property and owners of multi-unit apartment buildings (who pay the City for trash collection services) may purchase the EZCard for $25. EZCard and Multi-unit Buildings (May obtain at Treasurer's Office, Lewiston City Hall, 27 Pine Street).

The EZCard uses information contained on the purchaser’s driver’s license to establish an account on the Solid Waste Facility’s computerized scale management system. When the purchaser of the pass (or member of that household) brings household waste to the Solid Waste Facility, they will be asked for his/her EZCard. 

After dumping completion, the material disposed of will be recorded on the City’s computer system, and a receipt showing the weight of waste material disposed (and weight remaining in the EZcard account) will be issued. As in the past, once the 1,000 lb. limit has been reached/exceeded, the holder will be required to pay for any overage at that time. Debit and credit cards will be the only accepted form of payment.

Other items related to the City’s EZCard include:

  • Wastes typically brought to the Solid Waste Facility for disposal (and which are not collected during weekly curbside trash collection services) include: construction and demolition waste, waste kitchen appliances, furniture (including bedroom furniture and bedding), carpeting and yard debris. For more detailed information on wastes accepted for disposal or guidance on disposal of unusual wastes, please contact the Solid Waste Facility at 513-3006.
  • An EZCard account may be renewed annually. Only members of the household can use the EZCard. 
  • An EZCard may be obtained at the Lewiston Solid Waste Facility, 420 River Road.
  • In the event of a lost EZCard, a replacement will cost $5.