Street Sweeping

DAY SHIFT:  The day shift will be sweeping 6:00 AM to 4:00 PM

NIGHT SHIFT: The night shift will be sweeping 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM 

SPECIALTY VACUUM:  One specialty vacuum sweeping unit will be sweeping from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM M-T collecting the fine particulates that are left behind by the front -line mechanical sweeping crews. As such, residents will notice this vacuum unit in areas where Public Works has just recently swept.  Use of the vacuum will help give our streets a dust-free deep cleaning.

WEATHER:  Work crews hope for dry weather or light rain showers, as both weather conditions are ideal for high-production sweeping.  If we receive heavy rains, crews will take these opportunities to perform critical maintenance on the machines as they receive a lot of wear and tear from being operated two shifts totaling up to 20 hours each day.

HART BROOK AND JEPSON BROOK WATERSHED AREAS:  In addition to the traditional annual street sweeping program, the Hart Brook and Jepson Brook watershed areas will have an additional monthly street sweeping during the summer months through mid to late fall. This extra street sweeping effort is one of the components of the City's MS4 storm water permit. 

This additional street sweeping effort reduces the amount of road debris from entering the more sensitive storm water drainage areas that exist within these two watersheds, and this sweeping task will be accomplished by the vacuum sweeper which has the ability to collect sand and fine particulates that can accumulate on the streets in the summer months. WATERSHEDS MAP

SWEEPING SCHEDULE:  The Public Works Department has developed a tentative sweeping schedule to give residents a general idea of when crews will be sweeping their neighborhood.  This list is subject to slight changes as a good stretch of weather could allow us to get ahead, or we could fall behind with a few days of poor weather or if unforeseen breakdowns occur.  

GETTING AHEAD OF SCHEDULE:  Occasionally sweeping crews get all of the no parking zones that were posted for the night sweeping operation completed early, and as a result, they may finish the night by moving into nearby areas that have a low volume or have no parked vehicles.  This can happen from time to time as we are somewhat limited to the size of the area that we can reasonably post no parking. This also avoids excessive or additional displacement of parked vehicles.

HOW CAN YOU HELP?  Residents can help Public Works speed up the sweeping operations by avoiding parking in posted no parking areas.  This will also add to the quality of the sweeping performed if the sweeping units can move straight through an area without going around any parked vehicles.