Geographic Services & Maps

Geographic Services

We manage the city GIS (Geographic Information System). Our small team provides spatial data services based on intelligent mapping and backing information, meaning more than just pretty pictures. City Data may be spatially represented as maps, charts, graphs, but this is founded on relationship to various database sources within city systems meshing spatial aspects to critical information. These services encompass mapping city land features and infrastructure, both visible and underground. 

Ways and what Geographic Services support city for operations:

    Manage mapping databases, map/data services, general spatial database and GIS user administration 

    Integrate CAD (Computer Aided Design) projects to the GIS, of both internal Public Works and other City projects as well as private developments and subdivisions. This in turn is utilized to convert to GIS features to keep our datasets as current as possible and maintain or even enhance spatial accuracy in a given project area.

    Update and maintain the spatial representation of Water Supply, Wastewater, Stormwater system assets. This is critical for accurate modeling of systems, inventory, planning of lifecycles, and our Asset Management/Work Order system.

    Public Works, for plowing and salt route mapping, sweeping, parks, recreation fields, and related facilities.

    Manage the parcel fabric and addressing for data feeds and map feature services. This is a critical service to the Assessing Department, Utility Billing, and Planning/Permitting.

    Manage the acquisition or coordination of, spatial features and or aerial photography

    Provide spatial data analysis for special projects.

    Assist various city departments such as City Planning and Code Enforcement, Community Development, Economic Development, City Clerk, Fire, Police, with mapping and services related to their operations and public information.

    Create/Maintain or coordinate web enabled maps / services / operational dashboards / storymaps for the general public and/or internal projects.