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Lighting Up Lewiston!

  2. "Lighting Up Lewiston!"
    The Downtown Lewiston Lighting Committee is spearheading an effort to annually "light up" a designated area of the city - an exciting boost for the holidays! During the winter of 2019, Kennedy Park looked striking decked out in a multitude of white lit globes. For the 2020 holiday season, the committee is focusing on Dufresne Plaza, named after Chief Justice Armand Dufresne, Jr., in June of 2012.
  4. How Will This Be Funded?
    A total of 53 multi-size white lit globes are needed to adequately decorate the plaza. To contribute to this effort--in memory of or in tribute to someone--the cost per installed globe is $150. Please consider donating, and donation categories are listed below.
  5. If You Would Like to Contribute, Please Pick a Category That Will Be Reflective of Your Donation.
    You may donate the cost of more than one (1) installed globe. Please list the name of who is being honored per globe donation.
  6. Donation Category
  7. SPECIAL NOTE: A donor and tribute list will eventually be listed on the City of Lewiston's web site. However, an anonymous donation can also be made.
  8. Status of Donation
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