Marijuana Business Information


In December of 2019, Lewiston’s City Council passed an ordinance pertaining to Adult Use and Medical Marijuana. The purpose of Lewiston’s marijuana ordinance is to protect the public health, safety, and welfare of its residents and visitors by prescribing the manner in which the cultivation and distribution of marijuana can be conducted in the city.

The City of Lewiston allows marijuana businesses in specific zoning districts only. Be sure to speak with Planning and Code Enforcement before submitting an application to ensure that your location is in compliance with all zoning regulations and performance standards.

Read the full ordinance here

When you are ready to proceed, please contact Planning and Code Enforcement at (207) 513-3125 or (207) 513-3007 TTY/TDD

Application procedure

Follow the steps outlined below:
  1. Preliminary meeting
  2. Application
  3. Permits

Meet with Planning and Code Enforcement Staff

Planning and Code Enforcement Staff are here to answer your questions and assist you in the application process. Before submitting an application, check with Planning and Code to ensure that your proposed location is in a zoning district which allows marijuana businesses.

All marijuana businesses are subject to setback restrictions from the following locations:
Location TypeSetback
Schools, child-care facilities, public parks, playgrounds, city-owned recreational facilities750 feet from the main entrance of the business to the nearest property line
A marijuana store and/or registered dispensary and any other two (2) marijuana stores and/or registered dispensaries.
500 feet between main entrances
Dwelling in a residential zoning district
300 feet between main entrances


License Type Fee
Retail store $5,000
Cultivation facility Tier 1  -  $1,000
​Tier 2  -  $1,500
​Tier 3  -  $2,500
​Tier 4  -  $5,000
Manufacturing facility $2,500
Testing facility $2,500
Nursery $1,000
Registered dispensary $5,000
Background check $21 per applicant


The information displayed on this map is intended for general purposes only and is not intended to be used as an attachment to satisfy application requirements. Please refer to the application for a marijuana business license for instructions. Information displayed here is based on the city's GIS; it is subject to change and may not accurately represent existing conditions. It is the responsibility of applicants and business owners to comply with all local and state laws and licensing requirements for operating a marijuana business in the city.

Please contact the Department of Planning and Code Enforcement for more information.