Bullyproof Lewiston Outreach Continues

On June 5, 2019, LYAC members recognized 6 elementary students - 3 from Farwell and 3 from McMahon - as winners of their Humankind = Kind Humans Bullyproof Lewiston anti-bullying poster contest.  The winners received "I am a Kind Kid; I Don't Bully" shirts, with an acronym of LYAC (Love Your Amazing Classmates) on the back of the shirt.  LYAC also launched their anti-bullying pledge card, which they, along with the winners, signed.

​In addition, on June 14, 2019, LYAC member Hope Rubito shared her powerful story of how bullying nearly devastated her life and how she is today to two classes at Lewiston Middle School, as well as recognized a teacher, Mrs. Good, who literally saved her life.  Students in the two classes also signed the anti-bullying pledge cards.
Signing Anti-bullying Pledge Cards
A winning anti-bullying poster
Anti-bullying pledge cards
Hope Talking
LMS Girls Signing Anti-bullying Pledge Cards