LYAC Recycling Contest for Lewiston 3rd Graders

Third graders in Lewiston's six elementary schools were busy during the spring of 2018 participating in the youth council's recycling contest.  The students had to bring in recyclable materials and build a sculpture that would be part of a contest judged by youth council members. The winning class was Mrs. Robin Desjardins' class at McMahon School, and LYAC joined the creative students for an ice cream social in May of 2018.  Mrs. Desjardins' class used recyclable materials to construct a large model house with a kitchen, game room, doors, windows, a balcony, dog house, food, tanks, flowers and more.  Mrs. Desjardins remarked how seriously the students took the project as they learned about recycling.  Also attending the ice cream social and talking with the students about recycling were Mayor Shane Bouchard and City Councilor Joline Landry Beam.  As contest winners, the class received a Recycling Rocks certificate and "Recycling Rulz" t-shirts, the latter courtesy of the Lewiston Firefighters Association that annually sponsors the youth council.