LYAC Youth Survey 2018 - Thoughts About Lewiston

At the request of Mayor Shane Bouchard in early 2018, the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council interviewed Lewiston High School seniors, Lewiston Middle School 8th graders, St. Dominic Academy 8th graders, and 368 4th grade students, the latter through on-site visits to Lewiston's 6 elementary schools.

The purpose of the survey was to obtain feedback about youth's opinions about Lewiston and their thoughts about engaging with Lewiston in the future.

They worked with Darby Ray at Bates College to develop an online survey that could be used for the seniors and 8th graders.

All answers were logged, reviewed by the group, and then  analyzed by LYAC's Hunter Steele who developed a results Word Art Bubble Powerpoint presentation for the Lewiston City Council.  LYAC members presented their findings at the July 10, 2018, City Council meeting. 

                          Survey Overview 2018
                            Survey Results 2018