Lewiston Remembers Its Musical Eras - 2016

On December 3, 2016, the Lewiston Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) united generations, took a musical trip down Lewiston's memory lane, and added to Lewiston's arts/cultural scene.

The evening kicked off with a PAL HOP video followed by a slideshow with facts about Lewiston then and now. 

From displays, memorabilia, and posters to dance demonstrations, era food, and special guest Lewiston musical icon Carroll Poulin, the Lewiston Memorial Armory came alive as attendees enthusiastically reflected on memories and interacted with members of the youth council.

Special dance demonstrations of time period dances were presented by Stan Teixeira and the Swing Dancers, as well as Sandy Arthur's School of Dance. Attendees of all ages also took to the floor for instructions on nostalgic dance moves. A musical finale was presented by the local youth band Weatherhead.

Era food on tap consisted of root beer floats, popular in the 1950s; chocolate chip cookies that were invented in 1937; and whoopie pies that were invented in the 1920s. Attendees also participated in the placement of red or blue stars on a Lewiston timeline that indicated the year they were born in Lewiston and/or their favorite era in Lewiston.

LYAC members also shared how much they learned about Lewiston while planning the event.

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Music - Talking with Caroll Poulin.jpg