Sidewalk Plowing

Your Responsibilities

Just as a reminder to residents and businesses in Lewiston, City Ordinances prohibit placing snow on sidewalks cleared by the City. The City Code of Ordinances covers this in Section 66-12.

The City's Responsibilities

Several years ago, the City Council authorized the Public Works Department to clear snow from specific sidewalks. Because of limited personnel and equipment, the Council has not authorized clearing snow/ice from all or additional sidewalks. 

Residents have discussed adding sidewalks to the list originally approved by the Council; however, the funding for the added cost of labor, equipment, equipment maintenance, and consumables was not available to add these services.

Sidewalk plowing is performed when both personnel and equipment are available. This does not relieve the property owner or tenant from his/her responsibility under the city Code.

Additional Resources

Sidewalk Plowing Map