2022 - 2024 Mayor & City Council Members

CITY COUNCIL - 2022 - 2024 - 1-4-22

(Left to right:  Council President Linda Scott, Councilor Robert McCarthy, Councilor Scott Harriman, Mayor Carl Sheline, Councilor Rick LaChapelle, Councilor Laurier Pease, Councilor Lee Clement, and Councilor Stephanie Gelinas)

About Your Lewiston Elected Officials

The Lewiston City Council consists of a mayor and seven councilors elected by the voters of Lewiston. Each councilor represents one of seven wards  Lewiston's Ward Map.  The most recent Mayoral Inauguration & Oath of Office Ceremony was held on January 3, 2022, and the following individuals are currently serving. Individual elected official web pages are to the left.

Mayor Carl L. Sheline

Ward 1 - Council President Linda M. Scott

Ward 2 - Councilor Robert A. McCarthy

Ward 3 - Councilor Scott A. Harriman

Ward 4 - Councilor Rick LaChapelle

Ward 5 - Councilor Laurier P. Pease

Ward 6 - Councilor K. Lee Clement

Ward 7 - Councilor Stephanie Gelinas