Highway Division

Responsibilities and Services

The Highway Division is the largest division in Public Works and maintains the city’s road and storm drainage systems, green spaces, trees and landscape areas, and manages ice and snow during Winter Operations.

The City of Lewiston has more than 188 miles of roads, 86 miles of sidewalk, eight bridges, and numerous miles of roadside ditches and underground storm drainage systems, all of which the Highway Division is responsible for maintaining. The most visible efforts are street paving in the summer and snow plowing in the winter.

Division Organization

The Highway Division is made up of four maintenance teams. Two teams are assigned geographical areas of the City, better known as districts and are tasked with maintaining the streets, sidewalks and storm drainage systems with their assigned areas. 

These districts, better known as District I and District II are separated by Sabattus St. and East Avenue District I covers the northwest side and District II the southeast side of the Sabattus St. - East Avenue boundary line. Trees, Landscaping, parks, cemeteries, athletic fields, and green spaces are managed by the City Arborist and the Parks/Athletic Fields Team Manager in overlapping districts.

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