Disability Pride Month

JULY RECOGNIZES DISABILITY PRIDE!  July 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the first official celebration of Disability Pride Month. The month commemorates the passage of ADA in 1990, a historic moment where the disability civil rights movement was met with change and action. 

The City of Lewiston acknowledges this month with sentiments shared by AmeriDisability which describes Disability Pride as "accepting and honoring each person's uniqueness and seeing it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity."

Though Disability Pride Month is not yet a nationally recognized holiday, it is important to acknowledge its purpose to promote advocacy, acceptance, visibility, positive awareness, recognition, and education. 

The City of Lewiston will continue to be an advocate for disability rights. We will continue to build an inclusive environment that accepts people for who they are. This month serves as a reminder that people with disabilities are a pillar of strength within our community, who not only continue to have a significant positive impact in Lewiston but who also have the same value and rights as those without disabilities. 

We acknowledge that disability can present various forms. It can be physical or mental; common or rare; visible or invisible; and should never be looked at with any form of stereotyping, discrimination, or prejudice. The rest of the month will recognize perseverance and the appreciation we have towards those with disabilities, using testimonials from advocates, leaders, and those with platforms who inspire changes in their respective community as well as nationally. In addition, we will highlight resources and organizations in Lewiston that strive to seamlessly integrate and remove barriers for all disabled persons. Thank you for all you do.